"Feminism, Critique and the Realistic Spirit"

30.11.2017 16:11

Vortrag von Prof. Linda M.G. Zerilli (University of Chicago)

 Contemporary debates over the future of critique perpetuate a reliance on the philosophical tradition, with its disdain for the contingent and indifference to local audiences. A realistic (as opposed to a philosophically realist or antirealist) feminist critique would be rooted in ordinary first-order practices such as politics. It would question received notions of the relationship between theory and practice. Theory should not be understood as an epistemological second-order enterprise whose task is to justify the basis of critique. Instead, theory should be conceived, with the rhetorical tradition, as a world-creating, first-order practice that generates figures of the newly thinkable and objects of common concern.


Linda M. G. Zerilli is Charles E. Merriam Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science and Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of Chicago, where she teaches modern political theory and feminist theory. Her most recent books include Feminism and the Abyss of Freedom (2005) and A Democratic Theory of Judgment (2016), both published by University of Chicago Press.


Datum: 30. November 2017, 18:15 –20:00 Uhr
Ort: Rheinsprung 9, Alte Universität, Hörsaal -101


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