Centre for Gender Studies

The Center for Gender Studies was founded in 2001 and is chaired by Prof. Dr. Andrea Maihofer. Since then, the Center has become an independent unit in the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy in the Humanities. In 2005, the Gender Studies Bachelor, Master and PhD Programs were successfully evaluated by international experts commissioned by the University of Basel.

The light and spacious Gender Studies Library is inviting, its atmosphere open and stimulating. Well-equipped workstations with Internet Access are available to students for research purposes, academic reading and writing; or for browsing the gender studies and feminist theology books in the library collection. Thus the Gender Studies Library has become a unique place in Switzerland, opening up a world of current and classical texts in gender research to students, scholars and the interested public alike.

In its brief existence, the Center for Gender Studies has gained national and international significance. It houses the path breaking national cooperation project Gender Studies Network CH of which the Swiss PhD programs in Gender Studies form part. Financed by the Swiss University Conference and the respective universities, the Gender Studies Network CH aims to establish gender research on a broad level as well as to promote excellent scholarship in the accredited PhD programs in Gender Studies. Gender scholars may find the latest information and valuable contacts on the Internet platform Gendercampus, while students may consult the site to browse the national Gender Studies Course Catalogue. The nationwide coordination of the development of a new discipline in Switzerland has been internationally unmatched thus far.